Floatation iQ

B2B Company Wins B2C on Amazon

Marketing Strategy Helps New B2C eCommerce Channel Drive Unprecedented Growth
Group of Young Adults Enjoys Floatation iQ’s Flagship Product, The Floating Oasis
A Family's Day in the Pool with Floatation iQ's Products
A Woman Sunbaths on the Floatation iQ Personal Floating Oasis

$2.7M Sales

Category Bestseller

License Agreements


Floatation iQ is a B2B manufacturer that wholesales high quality foam products for commercial use. The company wanted to take this expertise and introduce a new B2C product line. The company had little experience in this new space, which included managing inventory, product quality, pricing, customer reception, and more. Lastly, the brand was new and had no identity, imagery, or voice.


Floatation iQ partnered with Product Labs to create a new eCommerce launch strategy that included a full branding and Amazon marketing plan. The following approach was centered around creating a premium look that complimented their price point in the marketplace:

  • Fulfillment Strategy

    Because pre-existing capabilities, Floatation iQ could not exclusively utilize Amazon FBA to fulfill orders. Product Labs executed a strategy that would allow Floatation iQ to fulfill orders yet still have access to the benefits of Amazon Prime.

  • Smart Product Redesign

    Product Labs team re-designed Floatation iQ’s products to yield significant cost-savings on shipping fees.

  • System Integration

    Product Labs helped Floatation iQ fully integrate their Amazon account with their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems as to not disrupt their current business process workflows.

  • Branding Management

    Full-service brand experts identified key customer segments for Floatation iQ’s website. They developed a full strategy including photography, videography, and web development.


This Amazon marketing and branding case study had unprecedented results, with Floatation iQ reaching a $2.7 million run rate within month three on Amazon. The Floatation iQ brand became the #1 “Best Reviewed” and “Best Sold” in its category. The new packaging design drove shipping costs down, yielding a $70 per unit savings. In addition, an imaginative video campaign achieved over 5 million views on YouTube. As a result, Floatation iQ’s brand received exclusive licensing deals with Coca-Cola and Mossy Oak.

Client Testimonial

In creating our new business, Amazon was the tip of the spear. With our big success on Amazon, we were able to get into Walmart, Costco, and land licensing deals people would die for.
– Julie Stoetzer, VP of Product, Floatation iQ

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