Whiskers Laces

Competing Against Cheap Alternatives

Better Brand Positioning in a Crowded Marketplace Leads to 1,000% Sales Lift
Whiskers Laces Fiver Box of Men's Dress Shoe Laces
Whiskers Laces Red Laces for Men's Dress Shoes
Whiskers Laces Yellow Laces for Men's Dress Shoes

+1,000% Sales

+80% Conversion Rate

-15% Ad Spend


Whiskers Laces is a small business that sells high-end shoelaces for boots, golf, and dress shoes. Recently, they introduced a premium shoelace to consumers. The single pair of shoelaces was priced higher than most category leaders, all of which offered packs of 5-7. The company was struggling to position its brand in a category crowded with cheap alternatives.


Whiskers Laces partnered with Product Labs, LLC to develop and execute a strategy to reposition the brand to be more consistent with the premium quality of its products:

  • Content Optimization

    Highly specialized Product Labs teams created premium listing photos and rewrote content to better reflect brand values and optimize SEO. Listings were restructured to more clearly present product variations to shoppers.

  • Fulfillment Optimization

    Product Labs' experts made adjustments to ensure all product selections were available using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

  • Customer Service Optimization

    Product Labs customer service teams restructured Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to provide premium support, matching the positioning of the brand.

  • Price Optimization

    Product Labs' pricing analysts raised product prices by 10% to better align with the premium presentation and quality of the brand.


Within the first two months of the brand positioning optimization, Product Labs was happy to report a 600% increase in product sales. By the end of the first calendar year, sales were up over 1,000%. In addition, Whiskers Laces saw an 80% increase to the detail page conversion rate also reducing marketing costs by nearly 15%.

  • Client:
    Whiskers Laces
  • Website:
  • Type:
    Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs)
  • Category:
    Apparel & Accessories

Client Testimonial

Product Labs has been great to work with. They made our transition onto Amazon Prime easy and very productive. The knowledge and experience provided by Product Labs is a game-changer in utilizing the power of Amazon. They listen and create a strategic vision that focuses on making our brand the best it can be. They are experts in Amazon and guide you through what you don't know that will change your brand. Worth the investment!
– Mike Gossett, CEO & Founder, Whiskers Laces

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